ePathGen - Using Genomics to Support Public Health

Tutorials and Case Studies in this module:


"The beginners guide to genomic sequencing" is an electronic learning package aimed at staff in Public Health England and partner organisations, who need to develop a basic understanding of the evolving field of genomic sequencing and its application to epidemiology and public health. This includes an understanding of what is involved in sequencing, knowledge of how to use genomic information, and examples of applications of this technology. Within this "ePathGen" is a collection of tutorials and case studies focussed on public health genomics of microbial pathogens.

More about this module

Development Group

Content for this module was developed by:

  • Dr Jo Jefferies, Specialty Registrar in Public Health, Oxford Deanery and University of Southampton
  • Janet McCulloch, Learning and Workforce Lead, Field Epidemiology, PHE
  • Dr Isabel Oliver, Director of Field Epidemiology, PHE
  • Prof Saheer Gharbia, Research and Development Lead, Operations, PHE
  • Ruth Ruggles, Head of Epidemiology Training, PHE
  • Suzi Coles, Specialty Registrar in Public Health, PHE
  • Dr Noel McCarthy, Consultant in Health Protection, PHE
  • Emily Major, Project Manager, PHE
  • Rahim Shabbir, Database Manager, PHE
  • With thanks also to Thano Komianos and Lawerence Gibbons (PHE Chilton)

How to use

  1. Spend time considering the scenario and questions posed before noting down your responses
  2. You may move back and forward within the case studies using the buttons or the "jump to" area on the side bar
  3. You may move back and forward within the tutorials using the slide bar at the bottom of the screen
  4. Complete the personal reflection form at the end of each tutorial or case study
  5. Complete the evaluation form overall for this genomics module