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Whole genome sequencing timeline

Whole genome sequencing timeline:

  • Meningococcal isolates are cultured in the laboratory from the clinical specimens, this takes 24 to 48 hours.

  • Genomic DNA is extracted, this takes around two hours following an overnight culture (see above)

  • The genomic DNA is prepared for sequencing, this takes approximately 12 hours

  • DNA is used to generate whole genome data using an Illumina platform this takes 24 to 48 hours, depending on the length of the DNA sequence being read (number of cycles)

    The data that is produced by this process consists of very high numbers of short DNA reads. Currently reads generated by this type of technology would be ~150 base pairs long but were 30-50 base pairs at the time the study was done in 2011. Each read is tagged with a label sequence to identify which isolate the sequence has come from.

    In this case study, a computer programme called Velvet was used to assemble each genome (this takes around 2 hours, depending on the computing infrastructure available)

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