Before you begin

Before you start the module, we recommend that you spend a few minutes thinking about the following points and noting down some of your thoughts.

  • What activities are you currently or soon to be involved in that require producing or using whole genome data?
  • How do these activities link to the health of the public?
  • Have you had any formal education or training in genomics?
  • What are your main reasons for studying this module, i.e. what are your learning needs?


Jo Jefferies, Noel McCarthy, Rahim Shabbir, Ruth Ruggles, Suzi Coles, Janet McCulloch and Isabel Oliver

Learning objectives

After completing this case study, participants should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the benefits and limitation of genomics to health protection and epidemiology practice;
  • Apply the principles of genomics and key genomics resources to solving a problem in health protection and epidemiology practice;
  • Understand how to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with microbiology and bioinformatics experts in PHE and partner organisations, to investigate and solve a problem in health protection and epidemiology practice;
  • Reflect on how genomics may be integrated with and applied to health protection and epidemiology in your own working context.


How to use this case study

  1. Read through each question carefully
  2. Spend some time thinking through your answers
  3. It may help to jot your answers down on paper