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Take a few minutes to think about why you decided to take this e-learning module, what you have learned and if you will apply any of your learning in your professional practice.

When you are ready, please enter your thoughts into the form below – this will form the basis of a wiki* for users of this module to share their thoughts and will also be used to help improve and develop the learning experience

  • Why did you decide to take this module?

  • What did you hope to learn?

  • What have you learned from this module and did this match your initial learning goals?

  • If you have learned from the module how will you use this knowledge in your practice?

This section is for your use only. Anything you enter will not be stored or submitted.

You can complete the reflection on-line and print it off for your portfolio and as evidence of continuing professional development.

Why did I take this tutorial? (What did I hope to gain from this activity? How does it fit into my learning needs/PDP?)

What was useful for me? (Three key learning points?)

How will it affect my practice? (How will I consolidate or implement learning in my current or future practice?)

What next? (Any further learning needs on this subject? If yes, what, when?)


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