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Two students are admitted to hospital

This case study is based on a real incident that has been reported in peer reviewed publications (Reference 1 and Reference 2)

Monday 16th May

Two students (cases 2 and 3) from accommodation block A at Anytown University have been admitted to hospital with flu-like symptoms, one of whom reports a severe headache. One of these students (case 2) sadly dies in hospital soon after admission.

No Gram stain result is available from the laboratory and no bacterial isolate has been grown from this case. Gram-negative diplococci (Indicative of meningococcal disease) can be observed in a specimen taken from Case 3. The health protection team is now working to identify close contacts of cases 2 and 3 and arranging for them to receive prophylaxis.

A previous case

Just over two weeks previously (Sunday 1st May), a first year student at the same University had been found dead in her room in accommodation block A. This was treated as a case of probable meningococcal disease at the time and was confirmed when Neisseria meningitidis was isolated from a post-mortem sample (Case 1). Chemoprophylaxis was offered to close contacts at that time.Click here for further information

An incident team meeting is scheduled for 8.30am the next morning (17th May) to discuss whether chemoprophylaxis should be offered to a wider group of students and staff at the University

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