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Clinical, Epidemiological and Microbiological Information

Clinical information

Relates to the individual patients, and includes type of disease (pulmonary or non-pulmonary), cavitating or non-cavitating, any previous history of TB, date of diagnosis, date treatment started, any changes to treatment regimen, notes on compliance with treatment as well as notes on the health of the patient such as, type, duration and severity of symptoms.

Epidemiological information

Includes demographic information (age, sex, ethnicity), the patients address and previous addresses, any travel history, community contacts, places attended regularly such as school, church, pub or sports team and any contact with known or suspected TB cases.

Microbiological information

Includes results of laboratory tests – culture results, antibiotic sensitivities, results of any molecular tests e.g. PCR. In addition if MIRU VNTR typing has been performed on any isolates, the resulting typing information for each locus should be available.

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