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Personal reflection

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You can complete the reflection on-line and print it off for your portfolio and as evidence of continuing professional development.

Why did I take this tutorial? (What did I hope to gain from this activity? How does it fit into my learning needs/PDP?)

What was useful for me? (Three key learning points?)

How will it affect my practice? (How will I consolidate or implement learning in my current or future practice?)

What next? (Any further learning needs on this subject? If yes, what, when?)


Evaluation of the module

To help us to know what public health professionals are using this module and gauge how useful it is we would be grateful if you would spend a few minutes completing the evaluation, by ticking in the appropriate boxes.

The contents of this form will be submitted, but will be anonymous.

Job title?


Area of work?


Which learning objectives did you meet?

Once you have completed this tutorial you should have a better understanding or reaffirmation of prior knowledge of the:

On-call procedures related to the topic
Hazards and risks that are being investigated or managed
Factors to consider to inform an assessment of risk
Confirmation of diagnosis or details of incident
Individuals, groups or populations that are at risk
General principles of the health protection response
Key actions or investigations required
Advice and information to provide to those involved or at risk
Available guidelines, support materials and other sources of advice
How and when to seek timely information from senior colleagues or another expert

How much did you learn or revise through the tutorial?

Nothing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A lot

Many thanks!

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